Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Padraic's Wonderful Dragoons Lair Wallaby

I couldn't just make fun stuff for one of my little ones I had to spread the handmade love around. I have been knitting for a little over a year now, and a little intimidated about making a sweater, but when I saw there was a knit-a-log on line I said to myself, at least I will not be alone.

I am really glad I did, because as you can see in these pictures, Padraic is going to grow pretty fast into this.

I had three skeins of Mosaic Moon yarn in the Dragoons Lair colorway and four 2oz trim skeins, I thought that for sure would be enough for a sweater for my little man, Right? Right after casing on an knitting the base ribbing  for the 2T size, I realized, between the time it was going to take for me to knit this and the fact that winter is coming to an end (thank goodness), I really should be making a 4T Wallaby. So I frogged it and started again.

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