Monday, March 22, 2010

Maeve, A Mommy Made Outfit Just for Our Little Sprite

About 6 weeks ago we decided that our little sprites head was not rounding out on it own, so our pediatrician suggested we look into Cranial Technologies. I need to be honest here, I really was skeptical as to the success of a simple band and some Velcro would have on reversing the odd shape her head developed into, I am happy to say this helmet has been the most wonderful and welcome surprise.   

After a week of adding stickers to a white helmet, I decided I wanted her to have a head band to be proud of and I began looking around for someone to paint it. Everywhere I went I got turned away, there were a lot of reasons from liability insurance issues, to the time frame in which the art would need to be completed (the helmet should be worn a minimum of 20 hours a day), so I decided I can do this myself.

I went to Michaels' bought some acrylic paints and brushes, mustered up the courage by pouring a tall glass of red wine and this is what I came up with:

After adding a few Stickers, here is the final product:

After a few days I decided she need a coordinating outfit as well, and with all this newly discovered creative talent why not give sewing a try as well. Armed with the information and pattern I found on Make Baby I headed over to a friends house, as she has a newer, more user friendly sewing machine than I, and here are the results of that Sunday afternoon:

So as you can imagine I am just over the moon happy with myself, and Maeve looks like a star in her Mommy made outfit.

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